ABOotlanders R Us…and now YOU too!

Yes we know…us ABOotlanders are an Alberta Canada based fan group.  We have regularly made “honourary Canadians”  a part of our ABOotlander bubble on twitter & with our blog.

pasties honour

Those would be fellow Outlander fans  who have a desire to make their bubbles better.  You know the people. The ones who choose to assume positive intent. Those who want to lead with kindness.  Those who let go of the nasty negative.

Us ABOotlanders are passionate, fun, slightly inappropriate and have hearts of lollipops n rainbows so it’s natural that some people gravitate to that.  It’s also natural some people hate our ever lovin guts…that’s cool too.  We however, do not share our sandbox with those folks and we don’t engage with them either. Our energy is better spent being goofballs…happy goofballs.


We have the blog, which has peeps from all over the world reading it…We are pretty active on twitter and lots of friends from all over playing with us there…you know…playing.

It all started on our Facebook group which is exclusive to our Alberta Members…and being Canadian we feel so bad every time we turn one of our international folks away. We are sorry. Really sorry.


The only solution was to  open up an ABOotlanders Around the World FB page.  Please Like it here…and invite your friends to like it too.  We will post content and fun daily.  We will ask you to share with us and we will be doing contests & draws periodically.


See you there!



@ABOotlander Founder

The Effects of DroughtLander

Did I even know what that simple wee phrase “Droughtlander” would grow into the first time I used it in this meme all those years ago? That’s a hard no…droughtlander

I didn’t have a clue that everyone and their dog would be using it to describe the time between seasons of our favourite show Outlander.  I can thank Diana Gabaldon for posting that particular blog on her facebook page and sending it into Outlander history.  That link has since died because our group, previously known as the Heughliots, found our own identity as the ABOotlanders so you can read it HERE at its relocated addy.

The interesting thing about a drought is the impact it has on the environment around it. In the case of #Droughtlander…the impact largely falls on the fandom.


Us ABOotlanders are a hearty bunch.  During Droughtlander we get by on help from our neighbours. We share our resources.  This includes talking about the days of all the Outlander, reading about the Outlander and how plentiful and fantastic the Outlander days were. Yes…and how we know that one day the Outlander will return.  We find it immensely therapeutic.


Alas, there are the people who are crawling across the droughtlander fields gasping for breath, ridden with anxiety & depression because the Outlander hasn’t touched their lips for too long.  They can’t see the Outlander in the forecast & will do anything to make the oasis a reality in their every day…except instead of embracing the good they are allowing the drought to blur their vision of the good it started as. Instead of remembering the things they love they are focusing on things like the bad taste the lack of Outlander has left in their mouth.


Droughts cause migration…migration of people to other things.  This is normal…when the Outlander comes back – so will the people and so will more.  Some people might not come back and that’s o.k.  Making their life with another fascination or love.  That has nothing to do with the drought itself but the way they chose to deal with it, their choice isn’t wrong. It is what is best for them.

You know droughts also cause wildfires? All you have to do is take a peek behind the curtain of this fandom to see that.  The small flames of discontent are there but unless individuals fan those flames they will never catch & become a disaster. When a spark comes your way, put it out.  How do you do that? Don’t respond.  Don’t blow on it, don’t give it the air it needs to grow. Yes, it is that simple.


Most droughts don’t have that surety of ending, ours does. Droughtlander never lasts forever but the things we say & do during the drought does.  If we seek out the cracks, we will fall through them.  If we seek out the light, we will feel the warmth.

Let’s do our very best to keep our faces to the sun. That means our heads are tipped back enjoying a bevy.  As spoken before…the true remedy for #Droughtlander. (this could be the reason my liver is now broken – sad story, eh?)



ABOotlander Founder & Lover of all things happy!