Save and Print Outlander Pocket Characters

Are you having an Outlander event? Use these pocket characters to add some fun and whimsy! Print out on cardstock or thick photopaper and use as prizes or decoration.

Purchase clips, stands or bend the ends created to help your ‘pocket characters’ stand.

**Note some resolution is not as high as others as they are created using screen caps**

All are in 6×9 or 8×10 print sizes. Right click, save to your computer and enjoy.

*Credit not needed and NOT FOR RESALE*


Young Claire, before the stones.
Young Claire, after the stones
Young Claire, with a cowl.
At the stones Claire
Outlander Wedding Claire
Back in time Claire
Outlander. Claire in Versailles
Claire in Paris, Outlander
Outlander, Claire in the red dress
Claire, on the way to see King Louis
Take no shit, Claire, in the 60s
Had enough of this shit, 60’s Claire
Outlander Claire, back to Jamie
Outlande, seen some shit,r Claire on the Ridge
Claire, doing all the shit.
Claire in her happy place.
Outlander in the beginning. Claire and Frank
Frank Randall in wool.
Frank Randall in a hat
Frank, chillin.
Bad Bad Black Jack
OG James Fraser
James Fraser and his big ole horse
Fancy pants Jamie Fraser
Wedding day about to lose his V card, Jamie
Jamies got a gun
Jamie smoldering on the ridge
Jamie and Claire Fraser riding…a horse
The Fraser Wedding…precoitus.
The Frasers of the Ridge…post coitus.
Frasers settlers
Bad Ass Frasers of the Ridge
Shakin his groove thang Jamie
Grumpy pants Murtagh
Fancy dancy pants Murtagh
Angus havin a bad day Mhor.
Cozy Colum MacKenzie
Ready for a Fight Dougal MacKenzie
Not covering the bairn, Geillis
Witchy Woman, Geillis
Teasin; Geillis Duncan
Lusty Laoghaire MacKenzie
THE Laoghaire Mackenzie
Jenny on the hunt.
Jenny, waiting…again.
The one, the only, Mrs. Fitz
Sexy with one leg, Ian Murray Sr.
At least he isn’t poopin’,King Louis
MOCK ME, Bonnie Prince
Mdme. Giggles, Marie Louise de La Tour
The Comte
Her real name is ROSIE DAY…Rosie DAY…C’mon…Mary Hawkins
Dirty dawg, Rupert
Young leggy, Brianna Randall
Fishnet Bree
Rogers Backside in cords…you are welcome
Brianna and baby Jem looking down on Rog
Roger Mac looking up Bree’s dress
Bree teaching Roger how to hunt.
Roger and Brianna getting some peace and quiet FOR ONCE
Mac and cheese, chillin
The Mackenzie wedding 2.0
Roger, brah!
Pensive wee Jem
Jeremiah Mackenzie playing
Jem season 6
Gramma and Jemmy
Mama and daughter getting up to no good
Young Ian before shit hit the fan
Ian from the ridge and Rollo
Mohawk inspired Ian
What a good boy!
Rollo and Ian after the ‘thing’
Dead sexy Fergus
More sexy Fergus
Fierce Ferrrrrrrgus
Frasers 2.0
Fersali looking concerned
Fersali in love
Marsali playing on the beach
Happy Marsali
After the attack Marsali
Is that a sword in your pocket?? Lord John
Lord John, what’s he gonna do with that rope??? Please?
Hottie on a Horsie
Lovely lusting Lizzie
Happy Lizzie
William Ransom looking like he pulled a stunt
William and Mac
Jocasta Cameron rolling her eyes
Crusty Kaheroton
Our favourite Phaedre
Ulysses got swagger
Two for one Adso
Dreamscape Murtagh and Jocasta
Sunnuva Bonnet
Jamie, Fergus and John Quincy Myers lookin sus.
The Fiery Cross
Family photo for the Mackenzie wedding. CHEESE!
The D=Frasers of the RIDGE are here…and the Mackenzies too!
Season one Highlanders. KILTS all around. YUM!
Everyday stunning Sophie Skelton
Gorgeous Caitriona Balfe
The Beautiful David Barry
Cartoon adaptation of the BIG HOUSE

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