Save and Print Outlander Pocket Characters

Are you having an Outlander event? Use these pocket characters to add some fun and whimsy! Print out on cardstock or thick photopaper and use as prizes or decoration.

*Remember when you are cutting out your Pocket Characters to leave a small border around them and cut a base so you can stand them up.*

60s Claire
Claire Season Stones
Claire Paris
Claire n Frank
Claire on the Ridge
Jamie and his horse
Jamie Claire on horseback
Jamie Paris
Jamie’s got a gun
Casual Fergus
Fancy Pants Murtagh
King Louis
60s Brianna
Fancy Young Ian
Bonnie Prince
2fer of Roger n Bree
Adsos times 6
8×10 pocket Frasers
Frank Chilling
Lord John
Bree ‘n Roger Wedding
Wedding Family Photo
The Comte St. Germaine
Young Claire
Ian after the Mohawk and Rollo
Sunnuva Bonnet
Fergus ‘n Marsali
Fergus ‘n Marsali plus babe
The Highlanders
Lord John on horseback
Bree ‘n Jem
Roger Guitar