I reckon The Reckoning was JUST what the doctor ordered. Dr. Jekyll that is


Get your nuts here. Real nuts. Actual Nuts.

Wow & wow. This episode pulled out all the stops & it seems to have split the fandom- which seems a little nutty to me.

First 1000 thank yous to ALL of those involved in the creation of this series.  I know there are people out there that make it their mission to pick everything apart, make fun of shit & feel it’s their given right to voice their very gnarly opinions. My truth is…we should feel privileged to have something to complain about.  I won’t because I am grateful to have it in front of my face in the first place. Being entitled isn’t my jam.

The Reckoning was all I could have hoped for – and even more.  It was from Jamie’s POV. BRILLIANT. Well played Mr. Moore n company. WELL PLAYED!well-played-445681

Not only because we got to hear his voice overs, lets face it…Sam Heughan’s voice is like  mozzarella fingers….smooth n melty melty melty.  It was a rock solid plan considering the parts of the story that were going to be told. I loved the opening scene, like a young boy, skipping rocks…just talk Jamie. Keep. Talking. Everyone else shut your damn mouth, Jamie is talking to ME.bunny love

Yes. Horrocks. Jerk feed. Shoulda beat his teeth in. Now-wee Willie Winky blow your horn. Really kid?  Is it really too much to tell the truth? You went for a piss did you? Nu-uh.  As demonstrated later on in the episode by Murtagh & Jamie, a piss only takes a few seconds.  You my friend went for a poop.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone poops. They even write books about it.  But poopin is for sure what you were doing, other wise Claire would not have had time to wander SO FAR to have found the stones & been caught by the dreaded redcoats and as I like to call him – Captain Creep Master General. That dude has some serious warped inner dialogue that transforms right to his features. Tobias, you are scary. In a good way. If that’s possible.

Off go the fearsome foursome to save the damsel in distress. Murtagh, Rupert, Angus & Jamie. These are four dudes you do not want to meet in a back alley somewhere. They took a whole garrison in one fell swoop! Murtagh and his nighty night cracks to the noodle. Which he is probably known for in the Highlands. “Och, yer havin trouble sleepin? Aye, go visit Murtagh…ye’ll not feel a thing”skull

Scaling walls with very iffy ropes! I mean come on Jamie, ya gave that thing a tug…it HARDLY seemed stable but SURE…we’ll go down it and take the chance of rope burning your balls to charred bits.ropeburn2

Blowing up barrels o’ pitch & beating the hell out of redcoats with muskets…and bashing that smug nasty sunnuva whoseit face off the desk.  Now that’s entertainment folks!

The dialogue between the 3 was entertainment in itself. Captain Creepy was showing off his fetishes a bit “want him to join us?” “Umm pardon excuse me”  Claire showing off her big ole medicine balls by threatening to cut off his. Ha.  That girl, she will not go down without getting her own in will she? I must say the ass Captain, did seem like he was pulling on her hair a bit rough. Dude, this is TV…calm your nuts a bit. Cait needs that stuff- its a part of her character.

Take a lesson from Gilbert...lighten up
Take a lesson from Gilbert…lighten up

People have to constantly be reminded THIS IS TV. Why didn’t Jamie kill BJR right there and then?  Well…consider this. That would mean Captain Creepy’s story would be over.  He would then-  create no more havoc. THAT’S JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE. Sheesh. Wentworth knows there is SO much more havoc to be caused.


I keep hearing on the interwebs “That didn’t happen in the books.”  “They left that out” and sadly it’s usually attached to a tirade of whining.hearye

Hear YE Hear YE! How bloody bored would we get if it were EXACTLY how it were in the books? Seriously? Those of us who know the books…and yes…really know the books. Read them a dozen times or more.  We have seen them in our minds o’er and o’er again. The novelty, my friends, would wear off really bloody fast. Another thing…they wouldn’t translate to TV as nicely as you would romanticize in your head. Let the professionals take care of it and shhhhhhhh. Enjoy it. Let the changes be something new and exciting to add to the story you fell in love with. Not a take away.  Perspective people.


The fight between Jamie & Claire on the way to Leoch was perfect. The fire, the intensity, the way they got into each others faces. Just like real people do when they are at their breaking points. I loved the way Claire kept jumping in front of Jamie, forcing him to face her & when he finally snapped, spit flying in her face. I sang Murtaghs knock out song “THANK YOU” to the screen because they pulled it off.  Then…Snap. Crackle. Pop. Goes Jamie’s wee heart.  He vowed to protect her and he just lost his shit all over the place. The whole day came crashing down on him and so did his heart.  Sam really didn’t have to recite the lines, his face said most of his dialogue for him. Yup….guts….out. SPLATTOOIE!


Forgiven. Well…for that lil transgression anyway. Claire isn’t really prepared for part 2.

The highlanders play “ignore the Sassenach”.  Not even looking at her- acknowledging her existence in anyway.  Dammit…just when she got in good with them – and ummmm…they did just save her life. Whateves…*sigh*

tolerate me

We all knew what was next.  We all wondered just how they would handle this little piece of the puzzle. Some hoped they wouldn’t show it, some couldn’t wait to see it. The truth is, we all have this little thing called a personal viewing filter. It is made up of life experiences. It is made up of our every day. It is made up of how we process & perceive things. It is there because of how our lives were shaped. Guess what? WE ARE ALL RIGHT! DUN DUN DUN! I can not for one second argue with someone that has been a victim of domestic violence that their viewpoint has no merit. I can not for one second argue with someone who has been a survivor of sexual assault and healed has no merit. It is pointless to argue with someone who has logical facts about time, personal accounts and realism on their side. I refuse to get into debates with people about time periods & punishments because frankly, this is a story.  A story that Diana Gabaldon wrote and now was being made into TV. This scene, and others to come, are intricate parts of said story.  I believe they handled this one beautifully.bow-70s

It showed Jamie’s determination. His logic for his actions. It shows Claire’s no bullshit, not going down without a fight attitude & the spirit of the scene was just that.  Take your personal filter out of it for a moment, if you dare – see it for what it was. Character building & story telling.  My favourite part of that scene was Claire backing up like a cat in a cornerca & of course binging things off of Jamie’s head. Girlfriend has a wicked arm! She would be my first pick in a fast ball tourney. No doubt.

Back at Castle Leoch you would think from the reception things would be awesome. Seriously, everyone needs a Mistress Fitzgibbons in their corner…don’t they? What a cheering section!


Biggest WHOOHOOS alright. Next to Laoghaire’s *snicker*

Have that follow you around all day.  Make someone feel like a million guineas.   I have to say…Colum really turned out to be a fun sucker though.  You want a party pooper? Invite old TwisteyLegs McTwisterson to the festivities. He’ll do it quick like.

The politics in the episode swept me away! I really which Harper would take some ball growing lessons from old Colum. Dude might be shooting blanks but he sure knows how to grow ’em.  The Jacobite cause is an underlying catch in the first book- with much more in DIA so I loved how they made it such a bone of contention here. It really makes the storyline come off the pages. When Dougal went on his tirade and dropped the bomb…you know…YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER all Maury Povich up in the house! I was like “Damn Guuuurl!”


Having that be a power struggle with the MacKenzie men & within the clan itself was Grade A MacKenzie Meat Sandwich. Make a donair outta that and bring me two! It gave Jamie some much needed time to develope as one whose strategizes & lets others make the moves. It was a very Laird-Like moment for him, aiding Colum in mending that crack in the armour with Dougal.

I have to just say Murtagh, every scene he is in. He steals it for me. Scene Thief! Sound the alarm. Especially in the wood when the boys were putting a pounding on WeeWillieWinkie…and Dougal asked them were they with him.Murtagh went and hocked a loogie. That was a resounding “Up yers” wasn’t it?


That brings us down by the river. Another scene which I am SO glad they added, even if as the time I was the WTF?! The more I thought about it, the smarter I thought it was. Some see this as making Jamie weak.  Are you serious?  Some see it as making him less honourable? Ummmmm…you be cray cray. Laoghaire…came down to his “secret place”- basically told him she has been stalking him since she was 7. Ok. That’s a bit more than a crush.  Jamie KNOWS that he didn’t dismiss her affections all this time. He is aware he got himself into this mess. He now needed to get himself out.I'm_outta_here!

When girlfriend pretty much disrobes and put his hand on the top of her bewb (thats how he says it) – all of a sudden the Outlander fandome expects Jamie to turn into INSTADICK. That he would rip his hand away & proclaim his love for Claire & break her heart at the ready. Let’s not forget. Jamie, is a man. (Well he IS a character..but I am digressing)…bewbies are warm….they feel nice…and they tend to make men stop thinking. Why you say? Because most men can supply oxygen to one head at a time and it took him a moment to get the blood back to the one he needed to be thinking with, and he did. He was letting her down as gently as he could because…he is a man of honour. The one everyone wants him to be. It’s because everyone hates Laoghaire and thinks she a nasty wench…she had done nothing up to THAT point to say she was, except try to get the man that she loved to be with her. With that Jamie was being kind & caring. You know, the kind & caring Jamie everyone wants him to be – but because so many hate Laoghaire- they want him NOT to be kind & caring with her.fdup

Remember, Jamie hasn’t read the books.   All I can picture is fans all over the world screaming at poor Jamie…READ THE BOOK! You are supposed to be perfect you regular piece of shit human! *snort*

read the book

Can we have make up sex now? PUHLEASE?  Jamie going back to Claire & their room, contemplating how he was going to get back into her…good graces.  Dude. Is. Good.  I am glad he did a little soul searching, he became a man in that room. Admitting that his relationship with her meant more to him than everything he had been taught since he was a lad.  I did have to giggle when he said this about Colum though. “I saw a rigid man bend” I shouldn’t have laughed but…ummmm the guy is bending starting at the ankles, it was an analogy that just…you know…ok. I will stop.

If you are going to break a steely girl heart, a good way to do it is pull out your dirk…and swear your loyalty to her.


The dialogue that took place after, right before they got into the HOT HOT HOT sex was perfect. Him asking if she wanted to live separately, her admitting she probably should but that wasn’t the way of it, then them coming together. Slight pun intended here. The intimacy that was displayed was intense & yeah, I might have felt a little voyeuristic but in a really good way. spongebob

I have heard some say this scene was like soft porn. Ahem. Folks. No. GO pick up yourself some soft porn – I know soft porn – this ain’t it.  This is however GOOD TV SEX! I would much rather see our couple actually coupling rather than looking like they are a soap opera sliding into bed and rubbing 2 sticks together. That is NOT Jamie & Claire sex like I read it…to be perfectly honest with you, neither is what they showed me. What I read- is full on pornography…I have a FANTASTIC imagination. What they pulled off in this episode was flipping brilliant. It looked like actually make up  sex! I laugh that more people didn’t freak about Claire pulling the knife on Jamie & threatening to gut him while she was riding him.  This of course was perfect timing on her part because any man will promise anything during an intense sexual encounter such as this. “New house babe? Sure…just don’t stop!”  “That new ring…YES! How many carats!? Keep going!”  It’s a fantastic power position. Ladies, start your engines & get a grip, being sexually empowered is a MUST.

Making our way to the last dramatic *GASP*.

dramatic effect


The illwish.  That Jamie didn’t know it was Laoghaire in the books made me think he was a few fries short of a happy meal (in the books) but with the extra scenes in the show…of course he would know and right away.  I loved the dramatic effect they threw in for the show. This is ALWAYS necessary – it’s a) fun for audience b) it makes the scene pop c) it shows peeps this is important.  To play it off as not a big deal…people would be whiney about that.

TV shows need triangles.  I am really looking forward to what they do with Laoghaire.  Nell Hudson is fantastic. The Colum/Dougal/Jamie thing is fantastic.  I must say all the added bits, as a book fan get me all revved up!  I KNOW the books! I love the books, but they are the books. This is something new. BRING IT ON.

je suis

SL- the AB-Ootiest of all ABOotlanders (that mean I have the biggest arse) 

91 thoughts on “I reckon The Reckoning was JUST what the doctor ordered. Dr. Jekyll that is

  1. I love your commentary – very colorful and fun! “Viewing filter” equal to “Reading Filter” I imagine. Brilliant and so right. Everyone’s opinion is fine and counts and has merit – just let everyone else’s too. I love the books and I always came at the show as being something extra to enjoy and so I’ve never been disappointed!

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  2. Great recap, am thinking the split in the fandom is more over what Sam said(yeah, I read most of his articles) of Leghair being a good girl. Poor choice of words, maybe misunderstood, delusional would have fit better. I really liked the narrative from Jamie’s viewpoint, since most of the second half seems to be Jamie in peril, it is entirely fitting to hear his thoughts too. Well done.

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  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this whole blog. As someone who had a ‘not nice ‘boyfriend’, who preferred to use me as a punching bag after I had been drinking (as opposed to when I was sober), you nailed it. It depends on your life experiences and your personal perspective. I feel one way and the next person can feel something completely different. Frankly, I had much less issue with this spanking scene than I did getting over the hurdle to read the Fifty trilogy. Either way, it is fiction and is the result of someone’s (Diana’s for the books, and Ron and his writers for the series) BRILLIANT imagination and story telling abilities! And well done on both of them. Thank you, Diana, Ron, cast and crew, so much for doing what you do and giving such marvellous and creative outlets from real life. Outlander, take me away!

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  4. “The truth is, we all have this little thing called a personal viewing filter.” Everyone should remember this, so we can all just enjoy the show. It’s been soooo much fun seeing the book come to life.

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  5. “You are supposed to be perfect you regular piece of shit human.” Lol pure gold! I love your perspective on the changes and I wish more people would realize how boring it would be if everything were the same as the books. But you know they’d complain about that too. “Claire didn’t use that tone of voice in the book!” “That is not the right shade of red for her dress!” “Lord John doesn’t part his hair to that side!” People need to get a grip and be appreciative. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some things I’ve been bummed that they changed just because of how it will change things in the future (the ring!), but in the grand scheme of things I’m just stoked to have this awesome adaptation with two actors who seem to be made to play Jamie and Claire. You can’t ask for more than that.

    Oh and I also loved Murtagh’s response to Dougal. Outside of Jamie and Claire that was my favorite moment in the show. And daayum that was some good sex and very real with her reaching down while on top…if I didn’t know better I’d say they really had sex which goes back to my point about how perfect they are for these roles and what great actors they are. Their chemistry is unbelievable.

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    • Agree! As much as I love the ring in the book…the ring in the show – captured my heart as well. They can weave the story in a different way and develop other story lines. The key…from this ancient home…will match the metal from her ring…right? Because the smith was directed not to ruin the key but only take a part of it 😉 Its all spectacular and will fall into place.

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      • Yep, that’s what I was thinking they would do too. Carbon dating or metallurgy…one of those sciences. But darn it, it’s just not as romantic and powerful as “Da mi basia mille” and the whole scene when she discovers that. 😉 Oh well, if I can’t have that then I hope they at least end season 2 exactly as the book ends because that would be the best season finale ever. “But he didn’t.” *Goosebumps*

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      • Speaking of the end of season 2, I don’t think I can bear watching these two magnificent actors rend their way through the scene at the cottage…Claire running while Jamie turns to fight redcoats. I could cry now just thinking about it.


  6. Great blog….My thoughts exactly! I am also so grateful that this show is done so beautifully and with such great casting that I am sometimes overwhelmed when I read all the nitpicking. I thought this episode was one of the best and I say kudos to Ron Moore, writers and cast.


  7. Wonderful recap! Expresses exactly how I feel about the episode and also my frustration over some fans who whine about it not being like the book at times. Loved every minute of the episode! Ron Moore and the rest of the creative team are experts at telling a story and are doing a magnificent job with Outlander. Throw in amazing, talented, actors and this makes the BEST show on TV right now. Thanks for another funny, clever recap! Really enjoy them!

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  8. Spot on awesome.

    i’ve read the books more times than I can count over the past couple of decades, and the Poutlanders dive me insane too. Not only would an exact retelling be boring, it’s impossible.

    And Jamie is an 18th century MAN. To expect him to act (and react) as anything else is also impossible.

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  10. I like your style! You had me laughing out loud several times but I especially liked the oxygen supply to the head analogy. DH made a similar remark about men promising anything as Claire pointed the dirk at Jamie’s neck while she was riding him! I’m enjoying the surprises the adaptation has given us book readers and think Ron and company have done a superlative job with Diana’s book. Thanks for a great read!

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  11. Great recap – we must be kindred spirits as your comments are bang on with my reactions – and yes, it IS fiction, so while true to life, get a grip folks…..this is not actually real. Have loved this series since first published and waited with bated breath for the videoversion to arrive. Diana’s so right – a series is soooo much better than a movie. So glad she held out for that. Your review is funny and brilliant…..BTW, do you hail from Canada? Love your oblique reference to some donair, in the meat sandwich [which is what made me suspect you are Cdn too]…and your observation regarding blood being able to support blood flow to one at a time is hilarious, and, so true! LOL

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  12. I’m currently in an, I can’t read anything but Outlander phase, although I only started the books after seeing the first 8 eps. I needed to know what happened next! But basically in the last 6 months, I have read the first 2 books, then went back to outlander, read 3, then revisited 1-3 and so on. At the moment I’ve abandoned 7 at the first reading to resist the rest! But so far, I am loving all the changes the series has made. It’s a chance to see things in a different way, I love the way they’ve done things in both. Love why they used the key for the ring on the show, the new scenes, loooooove it all.

    Also, I totally snorted loled at the Colum bending his will/bendy legs comment. Excuse me, need to laugh some more!

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  13. Typical, letting a man off the hook. You’re not “INSTADICK” if you’re married and you thwart another woman’s come-on. THAT’S HONOR!!! Let’s set the women’s movement back 100 years. No, that’s cheating. And the Jamie in the book would not have and didn’t do it. These scenes were written from a man’s pov and they did not work. They actually have Jamie saying “Sorry.” Really? Sorry? What a wuss. No, the Jamie in the show has never really worked for me and those scenes just prove it.


    • Try reading again without your filter on…as a married woman of 26 yrs, I find it more honourable NOT to be a dick to a woman who is emotionally attached & vulnerable. It makes me giggle how women shame other women saying they are sending the womens movement back by having different beliefs. It looks like many people agree that Jamie DID do the honourbale thing in the show by letting the girl down kindly – but- as I said in the blog…some just won’t get it, because they choose not to.


  14. What a joy to read. You are the bomb. There really isn’t one thing that stood out that you wrote. It was all very good. I enjoy the blog almost as much as I enjoy viewing the show, well…., you of course know what I mean. I did think your perspective on Leghair (never can spell her name) was spot on and one I had not thought of. It helped when I went back and viewed the episode again to see it in a different perspective. So thank you and keep up the great work.

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  15. I enjoyed your review of “The Reckoning,” especially where your write…’It is pointless to argue with someone who has logical facts about time, personal accounts and realism on their side. I refuse to get into debates with people about time periods & punishments because frankly, this is a story. A story that Diana Gabaldon wrote and now was being made into TV. This scene, and others to come, are intricate parts of said story. I believe they handled this one beautifully.’ (AND, even more especially for me that you state in the phrase ‘because frankly, this is a story.’) I get so frustrated with people when they post as if this TV program is real life & real people…

    For me “Outlander” is the imagination of one GREAT author who has taken the time & effort to research & put down on paper an imaginary story of a different time, place & people!! I have loved Diana’s “Outlander” series of books almost since the beginning of when they were published! AND, I am extremely happy with & about Starz & Ron D Moore’s adaptation of Diana’s books! They are being presented in a very beautiful way! I will certainly keep watching & I hope everyone else will, too!

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  16. That was awesome! I’ve read several other Outlander blogs (god there are a lot) but only a few of them I’ll give a grade A to. This is one of them. Like you, I hate that this episode divided the fandom. What, if they read the books they knew what was coming aka spanking and make up sex. Duh. And it is portrayed rougher in books. I loved how it was from Jamie’s perspective and not Claire’s. You miss so much through her eyes only. Important stuff, too. Like Laoghaire’s misinterpreted obsession with Jamie. That was brilliant. So what if this and other scenes weren’t in the books. Whining OCDers and prudes need to get a life. Like DG said, “The books are the books and the show is the show.” Ron and group are doing a fantastic job. You hit the nail on the head. Looking forward to your next review.

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  17. I LOVE it that the writers added these Jamie scenes that weren’t, BUT COULD HAVE BEEN, in the books. It’s like getting a hold of missing paragraphs or chapters; they definitely add to the story.

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  18. Found you through Diana’s FB page and I think you’ve got it closest to my views on the episode compared to any other blog I’ve read this week (sheesh, there are so many.) I was in love with this episode and elated with how they handled everything–when I started reading reviews of it I was surprised (and bummed out, to be honest) to find so many negative comments. I thought they walked the line and walked it like Johnny Cash. But, like you say, our filters are all different. My favorite thing about the show is to see how they veer away from the gospel of the books and add those little extra scenes or character aspects–it’s thrilling! It’s like these characters I’ve loved for so long are in real time now and doing some crazy stuff. I just keep thinking “we’re SO. LUCKY.” Anyway, thanks for the awesome blog and I’m excited to go back and catch up on your earlier ones. 🙂

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    • Thank you for taking the time to pop by Lisa, I know there are a lot of blogs out there & am grateful so many have chosen to spend a few minutes with me. I do have a lot here & would be honoured for you to read on! We “are” lucky to have Outlander come to life for us, you are so very right!


  19. AWESOME review, spot on!! Especially the last few -“I know the books. I love the books. This is something new- BRING IT ON !” Couldn’t be said any better 👍👏👍👏

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  20. We must never forget – Leghair and Jamie would’ve been a couple, marrit with 8 bairns if clumsy Claire hadna fallen through the stone! Poor Leghair, have some compassion – her man is gone due to FATE. Boo hooo.


  21. I totally agree! We would all be devastated if they had completely changed the story line to something unrecognizable from the original. However, they didn’t do that. They have stayed VERY close with both the plot and spirit of the original. Is it exactly the same? No but it’s perfect just the way it is. Any complainers should lose their viewing rights.


  22. Spot on review. I feel like we could be sisters from another mister!. I love how they have depicted Murtagh in the TV series so far. In the book, I envisioned him as some cranky old dude with no appealing qualities except for his love of Jamie. The TV Murtagh is so much more lovable!


  23. Love the blog!! Your viewpoint matches mine & your sense of humour is pretty much the same…the .gif’s frame the points perfectly! (I know every one of these .gif moments). In regards to the series…some fans think they’ve been sold a bill of goods & ripped off. I mean Ron & some cast did state they are following the books and they have deviated…somewhat! Personally, I love the ride the producers, writers, directors & actors are taking us on. I’ve read the books but I savor the extra’s for what they are…pure gold & great entertainment! Can’t wait for your take on episode 110..but first I have to watch it haha


    • Ron & company have always said this is an adaptation and would be deviating but always coming back to the books 😉 Fans simply have to trust them to do that. Not lose their minds and go into freak out mode each time it happens. Learn to sit back and enjoy what’s before them. This is a great ride. Afterall, if Diana is rolling with it – I mean…honestly 😀 I am glad you enjoyed it Vic!


      • EXACTLY! I always have approached the show as it’s own entity so have never gotten uptight about the deviations. It’s a cool other facet of a beloved story. Like with the casting. I figured if the lady that CREATED the character liked their choice it was good enough for me. I’m loving the show because it makes me see things with new eyes.


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