It’s a Droughtlander Mirage…Nope…Nope …It’s FREAKIN EPISODE 9! Right there on the horizon!

so excited elmo

That’s right my CanknuckleHeads…Episode 9 is right around the corner.  Yes we need to wait one day more than our American friends…but WHO THE HELL CARES?!  Showcase did it for us…YES THEY DID!  ONE DAY…not 2 weeks like last time.  They done cleaned the shit outta their ears and heard the fans. They have been picking up the pace lately. Wicked!

Did you ALL SEE THIS?  It is a contest put on by Showcase.  All you have to do is watch Outlander. Seriously…tough job man.  There will be a “secret word”, follow some simple instructions (You can dooooo eeet!)


and some lucky son of a biznatch will win a trip to Scotland, a tour of SET & lots of other goodies…I mean FOR REALS! That is a HUGE step up from the $25.00 Subway gift card NO? WTG Showcase. Way to step up the game.

We know that Starz had a premature release of Episode 9…and usually women aren’t too fond of the premature release idea. However this time, our friends in the States went BATSHITCRAYCRAY on social media.  fangirlsing

Making the rest of us…slightly jealous. Suuuuuuure we are happy for them. Suuuuuuuuure.

Nope...Ain't even mad. Nu-uh. Happy for you bit...very good friends.

       Nope…Ain’t even mad. Nu-uh. Happy for you bit…very good friends.

Now, what to do while we wait the 30 some odd hours until Outlander returns to our screens.  I suggest drink heavily or sleep your way through it.  Pass the time anyway you can to shorten it up. You know, you can always watch your DVD’s on loop, all the special features until the Episode airs.  That’s a thing

You don't even have to put pants on

        You don’t even have to put pants on

You will see the @ABOotlander crew live tweeting with you each week. We use the hashtag #OutlanderCAN , come join us! The more the merrier. You don’t even have to be Canadian.  You can cue up your PVR & we will tell you where are commercials are.  Uh-huh…we have those.  I know.  It’s ok, you can use those to refill your drink or take a potty break.  So as you can see, w can make you an honourary one of us.  Believe me, you will LOVE the outfit!

pasties honour

See ya on the flip side!  18th century Scotland…here we come!


SL – AB-ootiest of AB-Ootlanders

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