AB-Ootlander Special. Outlander causes AbootyCalls.

Naturally, I can only speak for myself and the dozens – maybe hundreds of women I talk to about this on Twitter/FB and yes…in real life.

Yes.  Outlander IS getting into the bedrooms across Canada. Some husbands know perfectly well why their wife is extra horny on a Sunday night. Some are just reaping the benefits. Neither complain.


Don’t SAY anything – it might not last!

I didn’t realize this was happening in my house until after The Garrison Commander episode aired. That episode left me DRAINED…so emotionally exhausted…I mean really…Jamie was torn to shreds. Quite literally, I felt like my guts got ripped out.


After the credits rolled, I felt a hand on my neck and my hubby leans in for a passionate moment. UMMMMM WTF dude! I just finished bawling my eyes out…WHAT are you doing?  I urged back and gave him THE LOOK.

What the Hell dude!?

What the Hell dude!?

And what does he say to me? “HEY! It’s Sunday…you watched Outlander! I even watch WITH you…ummmm…YOU KNOW!?”

you knowI didn’t KNOW…I had an idea of course…considering his hands were NOT on his inner thigh.

So…even though we have been together 26 yrs. and I know better than to ask questions that I have a “feeling” might turn out to make me look predictable…I asked. “Just WHAT am I supposed to know?”

“I get lucky Sunday! Ummm…I mean we usually do it…or you know, make love n stuff.”  N’stuff. N’stuff.  Yeah ok. He acts like it is once a week but I guess Sunday, its a “given”.

My argument – “Did you just SEE what happened tonight? I mean really…that was brutal! How can you think I would be in the mood?”

His argument – “You set a precedent”

Me- ” Precedent? What are you talking about”

Him – “You see Jamie, I get laid…that’s what! Why don’t you think I care if you watch it 4 times a week?”

Now he decides to give me a big huge smile. Trying to make me smile…yet…I’m still disturbed and a little put off.

Me- “Sure…I saw Jamie. I saw Jamie get his ass handed to him and beat within an inch of his life, bleeding all over the place!”

Him -“Hurmph! That shouldn’t matter.  My sexlife should NOT be determined if James Fraser has a bad night.”


Me- “Are you KIDDING me right now?”

Him- “No…No…I’m not kidding. Watch the last part that you got all squeely with again will you?” Then he walks to the bathroom “I’m freshening up!”

freshen up

I sat there dumbstruck…had I really done this? Set a precedent? Episode 1…yep…Episode 2…uh huh….Episode 3…oh…yeah…Episode 4…you BETCHA!…Episode 5…twice.

WELL SHIT!  I HAD set a precedent.  I had created a pavlov’s dog situation.  We watch Outlander together…he knows what to expect. He doesn’t realize, for the last 20 yrs…those nights I put “the books” down and woke him up. Yeah…same thing but he wasn’t aware then. Just thankful.

I could NOT back out now…you know…The WEDDING is coming up! I am going to…you know….need him.


So…a girls gotta do…what a girls gotta do.

dirty diva

I know for a fact, I am NOT the only fangirl that has taken her addiction out on her partner. I’ve heard the stories. SO MANY STORIES!

I have a feeling we will have a booming year of Summer babies…not here tho! Got that housing unit demolished!


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