Canada Strong.

It is a phrase being used a lot today.  Our country is large, our country is strong and our country is free.  However, our country is not immune to threat and our country has been shown that today.

Yes, I know this blog is reserved for Outlander related blurts but you know something, it is also Canadian through and through.

Today,it’s about Canada. Everyone of us Outlandish Canadians are thinking about one another for another reason today and dammit, we want to talk about it.  We are walking around with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes and we want to give one another a hug. So, the Heughliots are here to do just that.

Snuggle in friends

Snuggle in friends

What happened this morning in Canada you ask? A Soldier, Cpl Nathan Cirillo,24 (who was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, stationed out of Hamilton ONT) -was doing his duty, standing guard over our National Memorial – which also is the home of our tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He was shot in the chest and even though first respondents and many others tried to save him, they could not, and he lost his life.  This person who killed him, proceeded to go into the Nationals capital parliament building in order to cause more mayhem, where he was then killed by those protecting other Canadians.

Our focus here is not the offender or the why of today.  Our focus is with those who we believe deserve the focus.

-Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and all the other men & women who put on their uniforms to “Stand on guard for THEE”.

-Those who came to their aide. To ALL of our aide when called upon and even when NOT called.

-Those who put their badges to their chest this day and everyday, knowing their life may be on the line for ours.

-Those who silently wait to be called when someone is hurt, lost or alone and rarely receive the thank you’s or accolades they should.

Together we stand strong against those who try our singularity. Together we show one another compassion, hope and pride in who we are as a nation.

I have always been proud to be a Canadian. It starts when we are small. 

Yes, It is heartbreaking to know that there are people who hate what we are proud of…simply because of the unity it represents. As Canadians though, we won’t stop being who we are.  It is ingrained in us. Like Maple Syrup tapping…you can’t just NOT do it anymore.

stock-footage-maple-tree-tapped-to-harvest-sap-for-maple-syrup-dripping-into-a-bucket (1)

Just because you take out the tap…doesn’t mean the syrups not there.

Our Military, our Police, First Respondents (Fire, EMS and all those who put on a uniform each day that shows they put others lives before their own) deserve more than an extra thought today.

It is here that we send them our love & deepest gratitude.


(Photo has been removed as it has been now noted it is Cpl Nathan Cirillo prior to his death. This was not my understanding when photo was originally presented to the public.)


When one falls…We all will stand. With one another, with our neighbours to the south and across the ocean.

You get the picture.



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