AB-Ootlander. This Canadian group needed a Mascot. MEET TOGER!

There is a whole lot of talent in our group of Heughliots and I don’t just mean our unending wit and the ability to put our feet behind our heads.

We have artists too. One being Nikki Galenza. Check her out. Her art…well… her too…she is pretty cute!


Nikki does some beautiful Outlander inspired stuff. I own some myself.  Don’t attempt to jump through the stone circles on canvas…sigh…it really doesn’t work. Someone told me.

Aaaaaanyway…I thought to myself one day, wouldn’t it be fun to have a mascot for the Heughliots, especially for our AB-Ootlander page. Naturally…it should be a beaver…since we are a group of women…I mean Canadians.

-blinkSo I begged Nikki to make him. She did.  During the creation process, she told me that he looked like a “Roger”…that was cute.  Then I watched a certain episode of Outlander in which Murtagh handed Rupert a chicken leg telling him to wrap his hand around that instead of his “tadger”. Well…so “Toger” was born. (Toger rhymes with Roger…got it now?) Good stuff.


He is a cute beaver bugger…and we plan on him getting into some trouble.

His BFF’s will be Rupert n Angus for a while.



If you have any ideas for adventures with Toger, throw them our way – right in our face!




We also have our own Heughliots store where you can buy Toger inspired goodies. All proceeds do go to the charities Caitriona & Sam support. So shop happy and drink outta a beaver…mug.

Go ahead leave a comment for us 😀


Heughliot @ Large