ABOotlander LOVE! It’s about YOU!

As the blog that brought you #Droughtlander , we are now spreading KINDNESS JOY & SUPPORT throughout the OUTLANDER Fandom as our new adventure.

The ABOotlander World FB Page is spotlighting members of the Outlander fandom who have made it their mission to add a touch of positivity (my word) & entertainment in our wee bubble.


We are highlighting bloggers, artists, podcasters, cast or crew members who simply share parts of themselves that bring happiness to those enjoying the World of Outlander. (#WOO)

We have already spotlighted Beth Wesson & Connie Verbek .  Next week we reveal our next incredibly inspiring blogger! Who will it be….

Visit the ABOotlander Twitter feed and show your #OutlanderLOVE – share the people in your Outlander Universe who bring you joy. If you have room for the #ABOotlanderLOVE hastag – use it but as long as you are tweeting us, I should be able to wade through 🙂

 Leave a comment here for us and tell us what the great things the community has brought to your world.  After all, what we focus on expands (just check out my butt — I really should STOP focusing on THAT — I mean…for reals)  Focus on supporting one another, focus on the kindness, focus on the LOVE.  That’s what will be in our direct view.

Much Love,


ABOotlander Founder & Friend to the Fandom

4 thoughts on “ABOotlander LOVE! It’s about YOU!

  1. This is a great idea, Sherry! I have checked several of the recommendations and followed some new OL tweeters. You can never have enough positive vibrations and love. Many thanks for initiating this effort to spread kindness.


  2. Wee!!! I’m so glad to have found your blog! Outlander has been a life changing supplement to my own ancestral research. I am a vocalist, and I have started recording Traditional Scottish, English and Irish folk songs along with my mom who is a harpist. Outlander was really the tipping point when it came to finally taking the step to record our music. It has been years since I’ve been inspired to sing anything, and this project is fulfilling on so many levels. I am so grateful for Diana and her Outlander series, as well as the amazing people who have so beautifully brought the story to life on the small screen. Here’s my vocal rough draft of the “Skye Boat Song”. I hope you enjoy it 😊 https://youtu.be/nq7d0GIvM2Y


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