A very Merry UN-Birthday to the Reason Outlander LIVES!

Jan 11th is a big day in the world of the Outlander fan. Why?  Because it was the day the one, the only, Diana Gabaldon was born. Yep, much against popular belief, she wasn’t delivered from angels or brought down by the Gods…she was born…like most of us. Yes, I said most.  I am not convinced some of you weren’t hatched or aren’t some sort of pod people. Just saying.

Oh…and if you are offended by that last comment. Hello there, pod person, who was hatched.podperson

I  must say I have a really hard time picturing Diana as a baby. In my minds eye, she must always have been speaking in complete sentences…diapers? Pfffft! Not this baby Gabaldon, she was “not” hovering over the potty before she could could say “publish me”. It simply…did…not…happen.

Yes…THIS simply makes much more sense in my brain…**GIGGLES**


For those who have had Diana in our worlds a long time. Like 20 plus years, a long time.  She has become a part of our vernacular. People get “Gabaldoned” – Personally I like to say “gabalDON’T do you do it” when they seem to take it upon them self to try to school Diana on how she should or shouldn’t do her work…life or business.  As far as I’m concerned, you open yourself for a little verbal ass kickin’ when you do this. By Diana or anyone else on the planet if you are rude enough to play that douche roulette.  She becomes a part of our homes & jewelry boxes .  We have dragon flies decorating our homes, Claire rings on our fingers, we have JAMMF licence plates, we have paintings of standing stones and taken trips to Scotland, when in many cases, those trips weren’t in our minds until a nurse on the pages of a book travelled there herself.

Today is NOT January the 11th. Today is January the 9th!  Us Heughliots don’t follow many rules.


Rule Breakers of the World. Unite.


We know Diana loves Disney.  So do many of us (ahem…me…I am turning the rest…so…)

This is a VERY MERRY UNbirthday to Diana!

Let us all sit around for a little cup of tea…well some can have tea…Diana – here is a Diet Coke…

one for you

I’ll grab a shot of something not tea or coke.

one for me…ok…4 for me. Don’t count. That’s rude.


Here is our UNBirthday Message to Diana…perhaps we will be lucky enough for her to see it.macadmsa laugh

We have all heard & experienced the way she has influenced lives with her books & her words. We get to enjoy the new fans experiencing them for the first time now.  We get to watch the world that was created on the page come to life on screen & that too, is THRILLING! It is like the best UNBirthday present ever. She have given us ALL a gift. One that just has kept giving and giving and giving.  *whispers to all the ladies* You all see the video of Sam….sweating…running…and sweating….Yeah….thank Diana! Ultimately…NONE of that…NONE…without this woman.

We truly have no way we can thank Diana for ALL of the gifts she has given us.  Going back to the very first word she has written, to the last one put to the keyboard that we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing. THERE ARE NO WORDS BIG ENOUGH. NO FONT BOLD ENOUGHNO ITALIC LICY ENOUGH…to express our gratitude.

We joke all the time about being #Cracklanders with a severe addiction. In truth, Diana was our first supplier.  The one that said “Pssst, here…try this…just read a couple pages…you’ll like it.”

Like it we did.  Never getting enough but waiting anxiously. Like we said before…we are ok…Kinda


May this UNbirthday be filled with all the joy, love & un-aging that the last 62 have blessed you with Diana!

Much Love, the Heughliots of AB


Sher – Heughliot @Large


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