Ten Outlandish Things Canadians are Thankful for this Thanksgiving

ABOotlanders w/Sher

Let’s REBLOG for our American Friends  who are Celebrating THEIR Thanksgiving…you know late.  At least us Canadians will be ready for the next Turkey coma that is up in just a few more wks for Christmas. We don’t know how you people do it. You are true turkey troopers!


"Oh no I left my bagpipes in the oven."

As you may or may not know, this weekend is the second one in October.  To Canadians this is Thanksgiving weekend, when we stuff a dead bird (preferably Turkey- magpies are harder to catch), stuff our face with pie, and yes, boil up that corn, and stuff.

We also talk about what we’re thankful for. There’s no Black-Jack Friday, but there might be football, yes CANADIAN football (and we have bigger…. err fields, ya ken? And we go down one less, because we get it done sooner…) And WOOHOO!!! Finally us Canadians get to do something before the…

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