Fangirling Vs. Jealous Stalking

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The heart of supporting a fandom should be just that. What you focus on expands. We all deserve to have our professional & private lives to be just that. Separate. #BeKind

SL Heughliot @Large

Outlander Musings

I came across a tweet today that finally made me want to strangle someone concerning Outlander and Sam himself.

I’ve let a lot of the pet peeves I have with the Outlandish Community slide because many of our newbies are young or just trying to have fun in the Outlander Universe, but this is something I cannot ignore.

In the tweet, one of Sam’s followers asked Sam to watch out because some were harassing a lady he had been seen with, then proceeding to harass those in the fandom who would defend the lady…

Fan girl: a girl or female who is a fan of someone or something and expresses love for said person or thing in silly, innocent and often amusing ways….showing benign love.

Stalker: someone who doesn’t see reality, but are obsessed with someone, and seeks to cause rifts and harm and harassment to those around their obsession…

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