Call him Kikki. #Outlander’s Lesley, gone but not forgotten.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the Keith Fleming, who prefers to be called Kikki by those around him, at the Outlandish Vancouver event this past October. I told you all about it here. Each interaction with Kikki left me knowing that I had met someone who a) had a very similar sense of humour (that can be scary) b) could be one of the most genuine people I had ever met.

We throw around that word, genuine, quite a bit and use all sorts of bright and shiny adjectives. Kikki is genuine in all regards. He gives you the bright and shiny and he makes no excuses for the humour, his belief systems or his sharper edges. That adage, what you see is what you get. Is Kikki Fleming. It is my hope that you get to know this man that brought us the loyal and jovial character of Lesley on Outlander a bit better through this interview. Grab a cuppa something hot, cold or wet or dry just make it last, this isn’t going to be quick.

Why the moniker, Kikki?

Kikki came from one of my stage heroes, and most wonderful actors, Jimmy Chisholm. He was basically repeating and elongating Keith, to Keithy, then to Kikki Dee lives in Dundee, as I was about to work there and Kikki stuck. Most people, certainly in the acting world, seem to know me first as Kikki. My mum…not so much. Cait, with her Irish lilt, and David Ganly, a wonderful actor, have the most becoming delivery of my name.

How about that handle of yours, @dundlejuice? These are the things that keep me up at night…

Dundlejuice…well that’s a tale. Basically what I can tell you…dundle – go for an aimless, explorative ramble or walk. I used to go for such adventures with one of my best friends, Dave, when I lived in London..we would seek out secrets of the Rye, hug trees, satsuma spotting, get trapped in Mexican Cantinas, commentate on elderly people bowling whilst discussing the merits of custard creams. There was even a cowgirl dancing on top of a mobile phone, one particular dundle…you never quite know what to expect on a dundle!

This was entertaining enough for me, I don’t think I will ask for clarification of the juice add on because my imagination is nailing it … so Keith?

Keith, is used to berate, when someone is annoyed, or whenever someone meets me for the first time usually….and my mum!

Now, just because I met you, I won’t claim to know you. One thing that I could not help but notice is how at ease your co-stars were with you, and how they looked to you for support.

You talked about your mates as if they were your family, about your partner with an abundance of love. It seems to me when you form bonds with people, they aren’t surface level.

I think when I invest in something or someone I go all in. If I trust you, like you and open to you then I’m vulnerable. I will take the same care of your heart as I expect you to do with mine. I don’t have a big family at all so my friends are my family really. They are special people and they stick around for the long term. We meet so many people in the business, fleetingly, I think when you have that certain spark, shared sense of humour or experience, it is important to make an effort to let that person know they have made an impression on your life. What are we here for at the end of the day…not to sit in isolation with our own thoughts and loneliness tormenting us! When I was at school, most of my best pals were girls…we are still in touch today!! Likewise, my best mate Kev, we make an effort by not making it an effort to just know we are only a phone/mail away. My partner is the same…she is open, trusting and so giving in the most loving way. But we started out as friends and I think that is where our strength comes from.

How have you continued to become this kind of man in a world that doesn’t naturally emulate that?

I can be quite blokey. I like football, music, comedy and having a drink, that doesn’t make me a bad person. I also love tea, biscuits, nights in, wildlife – mad about primates, conservation. I am surprisingly sensitive.  I am very caring, empathetic and open to other people. I am impatient with a lot of the offended culture that is appearing today, but I am also aware why it is there and needs to be addressed. I know that yes, there are people – men, out there who are arseholes and who spoil it for whatever reason by their behaviour. But I do believe we are not all the same person as those, and most people are decent and desire to achieve the same respect, love and compassion as the next. To those who ruin for us, I say, go fuck yourself…also don’t tar me with the same brush as those who do.

And there you have why I slid into your DMs! (Not in an icky way) Like attracts like and I think there are more people who think that way than don’t. It is why I wanted those in the Outlander world to know this part of who you are. Mostly because it’s enjoyable to get to know someone that you have admired on screen.

It’s the truth and passion you have shared that leads to my being able to ask and handle the answers to the next question. What are three things you are most passionate about right now and what do you think we are responsible to do about them?

  1. Nature. We share this planet…we do not have some divine right over anything, be it animal, plant or mineral, to impose ourselves on its development and existence. We need to respect the natural world and resources around us, look outward and inward and see what we are going to lose. Things have evolved over millions and billions of years…we are destroying all of it in a matter of what …150 years? It makes me sick.

  2. Greed…power…government and their lack of transparency and accountability. There’s a lot of fear, lies, bullshit, propagated by the media and the Government both here and the US, and increasingly more countries around the world. All of it for self-gain. Power-hungry leaders and corporations with no care for anyone else. It’s a time to stand up and demand that they govern for the good of the people, the country, the environment and for stronger bonds between other countries. The world is a smaller place with technology advancing rapidly, but we are in danger of losing it all by destroying ourselves with hatred and greed.

  3. People getting offended on behalf of other people, even though they weren’t there at the event or gig or saw something in a newspaper and start getting offended. Just FUCK RIGHT OFF. You’re offended…doesn’t make you right! Go be offended, but understand that is the worst it will get…that’s all!

Obviously, I don’t mean those that stand up for the voiceless, powerless or marginalized…you know the types I mean. They see something about something a comedian said in their act and suddenly from 1 tweet, 47,000 people were ‘at the gig’!

Social media mourners too…those that need to be seen to mourn after a tragic event, as if they ‘feel’ more because they put it out there…jeez, give me strength.

I hear this loud. I feel this deeply.  One thing I have learned in my many years is those with the biggest hearts and the heartiest humour is they are the truth-tellers.

Speaking of truth-telling, the humour behind it is bound to get you in ‘situations’…

Yeah for sure, there’s been times aplenty when the urge to say something in an awkward moment has been too much…I could get in a lot of trouble for repeating them.

One that springs to mind though was upon hearing news about a friend suffering the death of a parent. The phrase used was “I lost my dad at the weekend” to which I replied “Careless”. It’s a wee play on words, and in such heightened emotions we are in danger of hurting feelings but comedy can be used as a comfort to lighten the mood. I try never to offend anyone, but that is impossible. If I do go out my way to offend you then you must have done something real shit towards me or my closest.

Oh man, that is going to be stuck in my head. I’m going to blame that one, when it happens (because it will) on you.

It’s good for me to be honest with myself.

There will always be misconceptions about people, especially actors, what are some you want to clear up right now?

That it is a hobby, that it is easy, that anyone can do it, that because a relationship is working onscreen it must be true in real life, that we will just do a performance of anything there on the spot for your entertainment, that we are super confident.

A teacher once mentioned you would make a good actor, it does seem you’re a born entertainer, what do you think they saw in you?

I’m not sure exactly. I think there was a clownish, jokey part to me that liked to entertain. I was always quite expressive when telling stories, and loved making people laugh, so I guess there was that. I’d like to think passion, you need to be passionate about acting to stick with it. The whole setup can be so rewarding, but devastatingly cruel the next day. I used to mimic a lot of teachers at school. Perhaps there is an interest in being in someone else’s shoes, and not having to live with the consequences of their actions that draws me. At the end of the day, we are telling stories. It’s a beautiful thing.

I think from an early age I was fascinated with film/acting…wanted to be Han Solo, then a vet, then an artist. I went to art school for 1 year in London, but I still had the passion for drama school, and when the prospect of staring at a blank canvas in a studio didn’t dampen that fire, I decided it was something to pursue. Both of them are really reliable safe occupations!

Speaking of occupations, what others have you had?

I have been bartender…bloody good one; worked in a deli; a labourer; waiter; worked as an instructor/race director for a motor racing team who ran corporate go-karting events in London and Europe-loved it!      I also do some work just now for a sash window restoration company, which is great fun learning a new skill and getting paid to do so.

Theatre has been a big part of your career, can you share with us those experiences and how they compare to film and TV work?

It has been circumstance rather than choice. Jobs, when they came, were taken. I was fortunate to get offered a lot of theatre and accepted it. The acting profession is filled with uncertainty, not knowing the next job etc…so I would often take it rather than delving into the abyss by choice. In saying that, I was lucky to get offered such fascinating parts.


Kikki in the role of Cyrano De Bergerac.

I adore theatre, the collaboration, creation, sharing of ideas, being part of something from the beginning and immersing yourself in a world. It is immediate, and you enter a contract with an audience every night, things can happen by brilliant accident along the way…but my experience of TV and film has certainly left me wanting more. Financially it is beneficial, a lot less work for a lot more money or perhaps a lot more sitting around waiting! I would love to do more TV/Film. It’s another part of the profession to embrace, refine and explore. Direct, write, produce. Bring it on! Why did you kill Lesley off?! Gggrrrrrrrrr!!

With film and TV, unless you are a lead, supporting lead role, or involved in something that involves a lot of choreography ie fight scene, horse chase, you can feel kinda left to your own initiative. You are perhaps not always party to creative discussions and input. Know your lines, hit your mark and Go! It can feel a lot more technical in TV, as there are eyelines, cameras etc to consider…you are mic’d, so no need to project to the back row daaaahhhling! But it is essentially the same craft…it starts with knowing what you’re saying, why you’re saying it and saying it from a place of truth. TV and Film require more stillness. I pace a lot when I’m acting. I have to internalise that panther for the screen!

What are some of your fondest memories of your theatre roles?

I would say Peer Gynt has to be up there, along with Macbeth. Two parts I was so proud of and excited every night I went out to perform.

Also, I did a play called Squash, which was directed by Finn Den Hertog from S1 Outlander…I loved doing that show. Everything about it was just that wee bit warped, like the Coen Brothers. All of the above are extremely dark pieces, and I seem to thrive in that kind of world, maybe another side of Lesley could have been explored!

Explore a little, what would you like to play down the road?

Parts I’d love to play; Lesley’s twin fucked up mental brother, Richard III.  I’ve always wanted to do a version of the King of Comedy onstage.

If the work is interesting and challenging, then I’m up for it. It’s often about the people you get to work with that is enticing, the ambition of a project, the fun. I’ve been lucky to work with some brilliant and inspiring actors and directors, writers…long may it continue.

What performances or actors do you enjoy?

I’d love to have been Phil Dunphy from Modern Family, one of the greatest comedy creations, along with Alan Partridge and David Brent!

In that same vein, are there film actors (no gender preference) you would love to work with?

I’m a big De Niro fan, some of the greatest performances ever on our screens. Philip Seymour Hoffman was and will be one of the industries greatest ever actors. Joaquin Phoenix is the greatest actor today…so him, just anything. Paddy Considine, Jeff Bridges Bryan Cranston, Paul Giamatti, Jack Lowden- a fellow Scot and an actor who I have worked with- unbelievable talent and beautiful human, likewise David Ganly, and my mucker Jamie Sives. Jennifer Lawrence – she sparks in most scenes she enters; Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Kathy Burke, Margot Robbie! I would love to have worked with Madeline Khan and Gene Wilder!  I’d work with my missus of course…she’s great to work with. Sometimes it’s hard to work with a partner, things can get a bit sensitive with criticism but, not her. Plus, I just noticed Margot, J-Law and Scarlett on my list so, she is up there with them, obviously!

How about actors that have taught you something personally about the craft?

Jimmy Chisholm has an unbelievable talent to entertain, hold an audience in the palm of his hand, and ‘play’ with them. A sense of devilment and mischief is good to hold onto, as long as it’s not to the detriment of the work. David Ganly and Jimmy possess that in abundance. Trusting your instinct also, be brave to make mistakes.

I love that, making mistakes can be the best way to learn, what guidance did you received early on in your career that you still use?

Know what you’re saying, know why you’re saying it, and get on with it. Stop acting!!!

There are always people cutting their teeth in the industry, what is your best advice?

Get used to rejection…doesn’t mean you were wrong, you just weren’t their ‘right’! Once an audition is done, leave it, it’s out of your hands now, you cannot influence things any further unless asked.  The audition is your chance to ACT…not just an interview for the job…be bold, commit, don’t second guess, make choices and stick by them. They’ll direct you differently in time…they want to see what you bring to the table.

Keeping with the acting part of this interrogation, what is your process of getting to know the characters you play, Kikki?

I like to ‘feel them out’, explore, see what works, what doesn’t. What do they do, say, what are we told about them, how do they react, how are they similar to me and how are they different? What can I change about me, how do they move, speak? Trial and error, putting those things together and seeing what works, with the help of your director. And bloody hell, do not bore the audience!

…and Lesley in particular?

Lesley – well, I had no reference other than the script. I knew from the audition/casting sides that there was a slightly comic element, but also keeping in mind that he had been in prison and was devoted to Jamie’s safety and well-being. Clearly, Lesley and Jamie were identical twins separated at birth. Lesley abandoned on a rocky shore, raised by seals, on a diet of mackerel, gulls, and seaweed. So I slept rough and stayed out the gym for 6 weeks before filming started and let my imagination go to work!

What kind of traits do you find admirable about people in the industry?

Anyone that is still doing it, that has decency, manners and compassion for fellow actors and human beings. Folk that don’t forget where they come from. Too many self-important up-their-own-arse stars around…we don’t need any more. Folk who have overcome great diversity and hardship and still believe in this. There are a lot of privileged people in the industry who have managed to sustain being in it by family money etc. I’m not saying they are shit actors, but they had a better chance by not having to work 3 different jobs a week to pay bills then try to cram those lines at 3am for that 9am audition. I admire actors who challenge themselves and don’t just pick parts because they get to look good and pout so that they get another modelling endorsement perhaps…get mucky, get ugly and get in there. Mums who are busting their humps to manage an acting career and family, dads also. It’s tough.

I can see that. With the good comes the frustrating…

That we are still having to highlight female success- or lack of it- in the industry. Surely we have evolved as the human race to be better than where we are at! Likewise, artists of colour. It’s shameful that we are still having these conversations. The majority of people that I meet day to day in the industry are all like-minded, inclusive, diverse and talented individuals who share a commonality of ambition and love for our work. There is much more to be done and that needs to come from the source. Those who commission, green light and fund projects. Who back training, scholarships and education. There need to be more examples to inspire those who don’t think it might be for them. Or that there are not enough roles for someone like them. A lot of the damage has been done by entitled powerful – hate to say it – MEN, obsessed only about enhancing their own reputation. But times are changing, not as rapidly astray should be, but awareness has certainly been heightened.

It should also be said that not all men in the business are potential Harvey Weinstein-like predators…but are caring, respectful, professional artists.

There’s never enough work and it’s a lot of the same faces that get the work. I get it though, if I were making stuff and had seen or worked with someone before, I’d approach them and suggest this great new project. It’s not a fair industry. It’s competitive, but that’s not news to anyone. Why would a director take a chance on an unknown when you know you’re going to get quality with say, Joaquin? That’s not saying the other person would not be better, but it’s a business, and more often it is the producers who have the final say – they fund the projects.

The obsession with looks…you’re born with the face you have. I would love to look like Brad, or Johnny, Leo, but I don’t.  These guys have talent to back it up however and they work hard to look good and keep in shape, just look at our Sam! A bloody machine…where does he find the time? But that’s it…people do moan about how easy it is for the better-looking people to be successful, but getting fat is a lot fucking easier. You get up at 4:30 am and do a gym session then a 13-hour shoot in pissing rain, then yoga in the evening, knowing you’ve got a sex scene in 3 days!

But the business has always had an aesthetic obsession but these people are stars because they don’t look like the everyday guy you pass in the street. Just wish I was one of them! It’s annoying when they don’t have the substance or talent to back it up that irks.

Oh, and whiners. Whine about everything all the time. Can you not do that, can you be more careful there, why are we working late, this coat is heavy, my character wouldn’t say that!

But each to their own. It’s all about being diplomatic and discussion. But let’s not waste time every 5 minutes because your coffee is cold, or water is going in your ear, or you think you should be playing the lead!

I tend to be someone who throws themselves in…get dirty, attack it full on… then rewind and learn what worked and what didn’t. Everyone has their own approach, and you have to respect theirs, but likewise so must they mine.

I am sure a lot of readers are thinking about what I am. Acting as a profession isn’t much different than a lot of workplaces. It takes all kinds, everywhere to make or break the experiences we end up having. Those top 2%, in any industry, job, corporation is what we compare ourselves to yet, the 98% are all of us. Reality.   I love that you are speaking about the changes that need to be made in the industry. Whether they be on behalf of women or people of colour, it takes all of the voices to make a difference. I applaud you calling out arseholes for being arseholes because that is the proof that there are allies that care about what is happening more than some random guy’s ego.  So, thank you. 

Sorry, I left you there for a moment, have you had  “Nope!” not gonna do that, moments?

  • Hmmm…good question…Lie on the floor covered in tarantulas like Indiana Jones? That is a no-no!

  • Throw one of the famous hissy fits and berate crew or fellow cast members. No-no, team effort. Never forget where you came from!

  • Or deem yourself above the project, job, or others involved – those folk can go gettaefu!

  • Or go on an interview/chat show and come across like Tom Hiddleston. What a bellend!

    *catching my breath from laughing…bellend…new favourite way to say dickhead*

For us, who are clueless, please take us through the “audition to getting the role” scenario.

Get the appointment, wait for script or sides/scenes to read/learn. Work on them, make choices about what you are doing, how you are going to attack the scene, accents, look, basically be prepared. If you have the whole script, read it all…you might get asked what your thoughts are on it. Then you go, meet director, writer, producer, casting director…audition well hopefully. You wait, you may get a callback or if you were sooooo good, then a straight offer – that is a great feeling. The waiting is the hard part, frustrating but when you leave the room, it’s over to them – you are powerless and cannot influence them anymore – you try to forget about it.

Then you see that Sam Heughan or Johnny Depp is now playing Bond. “They went another way” –  stock industry phrase to let you down!

If you’re lucky, you get it, and are delighted. Then starts the anxiety of being good enough, who else is in it…etc.

We know one role that was earned- Lesley.

kikki blog

Let’s talk about your time on Outlander. You were one of the cast members that went to South Africa to film, what was the difference in filming from between Scotland and South Africa? 

The general layout of the day was the same. Pick up, arrive on set, breakfast, make-up and wardrobe, head to set for rehearsal/ line run, back for checks than on set to shoot. The main difference was obviously the weather, the scenery, and also the dressing rooms. They are major movie studios in SA. Dressing rooms were luxurious, bigger than my apartment! I think we hung out a lot more in SA as we’re in a new place, and on days off myself, Lauren (Marsali), Cesar (Fergus), would go explore new places to eat for Breakfast, brunch etc. James(Hayes), Gary (Mr.Willoghby) and Nigel Betts (Murphy) would hook up later. Myself and Nigel Betts would often go sample the region’s wines with a spot of lunch!! Always wine o’clock with Sir Betts! Ideal touring partner.

The scene with Lesley’s death was pretty traumatic, more so for you, I am sure. The “America the Beautiful” track played over the scene in the final edit but what I am curious about is what filming a scene like that involves?

Obviously, I’m not aware of that track at the time…odd choice, some loved it, some not so much. When filming the scene, it is all very technical. You’ve got stunt guys and camera, sound crew all in that small space. It’s all choreographed to find angles, impact, effective storytelling and safety. It’s not comfortable for many reasons, but the crew are there always looking out for you. Basically, I get my heroic moment after a calamitous start. We are ambushed. I get knocked out after a pirate kicks door open as I try to lead Claire to safety, that door was inches away from my nose-sometimes you gotta go over the edge to find out where the edge is! I come round, see Claire being threatened, jump up and kill the pirate, grab her to see she is ok – distracted by her safety- Cue Bonnet! With knife! Great…where was her intervention at that point?! Throat cut then die on floor, towards camera. Me in foreground bleeding, Claire shocked and crying, Jamie enters, clearly she’s traumatized because Lesley, protector of Fraser mob for over 20 years is gone…but…no….her ring, her fucking ring! I did make a few funny quips whilst dying, about the next line, and Cait did point out the ridiculousness of such cold behaviour, but the director and creatives are like, “he’s gone, you move on”- as I lay in position on floor for next shot -“I am still here ye know”!

Yeah, it was gutting being killed off before you really have the chance to develop the character, but that’s the business, not in the books, so they don’t need to stay loyal to anything there.

Bonnet did drop his pistol the first take when he came up behind me. I picked it up and thought, “Here is my chance to rewrite the story!”

You know what? Go ahead, Kikki… re-write it. It’s your turn, Bonnet’s aim sucked, he missed your throat, Claire used her doctoring and saves his life. Give it to us. Give us Lesley’s next chapter.

Well, I love the idea! First, can I ask why she didn’t actually run and get her surgical box in the first place, instead of weeping about her ring!

I think myself, Jamie and Kaheroton (Braeden Clarke) form an elite fighting force. Hell-bent on revenge. I’m determined to get that ring back, to thank her for saving me, but also for most likely creating one of the first-ever DC villains, before it’s time.

KIKKI02 (1)
You dream it, I make it happen.

I take some mushrooms in the forest, and whilst everyone is sleeping I slip off the boat. I stalk and find Bonnet, it’s like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, I get captured, tortured, but when he drops his guard or pistol – I seize the moment, I cut off his head. I invent football or soccer, using his head as the first-ever ball, and introduce it to the First Nations and it goes on to be their national sport. Then I return to Frasers Ridge, marry Wahkatiiosta. Jamie, Kaheroton and I then head off to fight the Red Coats. They underestimate our small number. They get what they deserve, they are slaughtered through the night and by morning there are none left. The invaders flee this new land they have landed in, and it remains in harmony and populated by the rightful original inhabitants. The First Nations flourish, and the white man is eventually welcomed in, but only on the local’s terms.

I explain to Claire that although I cut Bonnets head off, I found no ring but I had honoured her by carving her sculpted face alongside mine, Jamie and Kaherotons on a sheer face of rock that would later be named Mount Rushmore.

It’s a harmonious life from there on. Babies, babysitting, days on the lake in the kayaks. Me and Young Ian invent Irn Bru, whilst myself and Kaheroton produce a malt whisky that has hallucinogenic mushrooms at the bottom, like the grub in mescal, and it’s a real earner. Business is good. It’s all sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Oh, girlfriend needs some of that ‘shroomwhisky, jussayin’. It sounds like it would be great for my old bones.

I’m digging that alternate ending. I’m sure it would have been much more rewarding than in the actual final scene…it probably was pretty heavy?

Everybody has their own process. Ed has his own way of preparing and getting in the zone, as does Cait. Some people go internal, have few minutes to psyche themselves up, focus, some will listen to music. When it’s heightened emotionally, then you have to be aware and respect each other’s process, and space. My main thought from that last day was, yeah emotional for you, how about me, I’m dead, meaning I no longer get paid!  Hahaha!

There seems to be some overlap with many actors in the UK and on Outlander, did you know many onset before you started?

I knew Sam from around the Scottish theatre scene. We have a lot of mutual friends. James Allenby- Kirk (Hayes) and I had met several times, and we share a love for the same football team. There’s not actually a huge amount of genuine Scots in it, to be honest, so a lot of people are new to me. I know some of the other folk from the previous series, Grant, Gary, and many of the guest actors.

There is a benefit of knowing and working with people again and again. You develop a shorthand, you get into things much quicker and don’t have that awkward is it ok if I do this, do you mind if I try this, I’m not sure I understand you etc. All of which is part of the process, and is wonderful, but when time is against you!

Will you watch Outlander now that you are no longer on the show?

I’ll get round to it. I’m a fan of the show for reasons different to the fans. I loved working on it. I don’t actually like seeing myself, perhaps why I love theatre, but I’m getting better.

I know you are a music lover so I thought it would be interesting if you were to match your cast members with a song that you think represents them as people. For some reason, I think coming from you this will say much more than word association or asking straight up your impression of them. 

Lauren Lyle (Marsali)- Sunrise by Pulp 

César Domboy (Fergus) – Blue Monday by New Order or Sound and Vision by Bowie

James Kirk (Hayes) – Everything is Going Green by New Order    

Sam Heughan (Jamie) – Male Stripper by Man 2 Man

Ed Speleers (Stephen Bonnet) – Dance Little Sister by Rolling Stones

Leon Herbert (Eutroclus) – Dedicated Follower of Fashion The Kinks

John Bell (Young Ian)  – Rinse and Repeat by Riton

Caitriona Balfe ( Claire) – Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin

Grant Stott (Captain Freeman)- Sunshine on Leith by The Proclaimers

Listening to these songs and thinking about the people that you associate to them makes me smile pretty big and the Sam Heughan one, made me snort so thank you for that. 

A song that you believe represents you?

Kikki Fleming – Walk on the Wildside by Lou Reed

Nicely played. Peering into the things that hold your attention, what tv shows do you watch?

The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Killing (Scandi version), The Bridge, Fargo series, The Office – these are some of the best things ever to appear on TV. Love them all. Recently saw a series called Guilt, which was set in Scotland but had a Scandi noir drama type feel to it, fabulous. The Victim, also a stunning performance from James Harkness.  The Virtues with Stephen Graham. I love wildlife documentaries and good comedy. Cheers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Mighty Boosh, Modern Family, Alan Partridge, The League of Gentlemen!

Must check out Guilt, sounds right up my alley. Seen any good movies lately?

The Joker. That performance – how brilliant, unbelievable. The Irishman, I loved Pacino and Pesci. Uncut Gems, angst filled viewing. I was holding my breath throughout. Sandler was superb.

You have done a lot of travelling, care to share some of your experiences with us…

Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Lisbon have all been fantastic in past years. I’ve been to Amsterdam 6 or 7 times and it has never let me down.

New York, what can you say,love it, but Chicago was a special place. I was working there, and had lovely apartment and time to explore, but I really got great vibe from that city.

Italy, particularly Tuscany has always been I place I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to…fell in love with Florence when I first went at 17, and have been back 3 times.

Borneo was emotional for me, as I saw at firsthand the deforestation that is going on, and worked with orphaned orangutans who were being prepared for reintroduction to the wild. The rainforest was just incredible. We have to save it or we all suffer.

Thailand, I want to go to. My partner loves it. Budapest likewise – Sam recommended it highly to me. And I’d love to go see the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

And in Scotland? Where would you recommend I go when I FINALLY get there?

I love Glencoe. I’d go with you, just to visit it. It’s surprisingly easy to get to from Glasgow. The West Highland Way, beautiful dramatic scenery. Take in an Island, Skye or Arran or Lewis. Inverness and the Highlands are joyous. I’m from Edinburgh but live in Glasgow so, see both of them for how different they are. Edinburgh is more beautiful architecturally and historically around the castle/old town. The New Town is rather splendid too. Glasgow is more gritty…sort of Gotham-esque! People make Glasgow, is the city motto that’s not always a good thing I often think, but folk from either city have digs at each other where is better. Both have their pluses and downsides. Bars/pubs are often a good gauge of a city. I could list my faves someday.

I am sure fans would love that. It is one thing most have in common, love of the drink. I may have to do a blog and come to you as a reference. It could be a tough job…

Our closing question for all ABOotlander guests is this, we have invited you to dinner and being the guest of honour, you get to choose the main course (all of these are Alberta yums), tell us which one catches your fancy?

         Moose Droppings B) Beaver Tails C) Prairie Oysters D) Taber Corn

Moose Droppings. I’m doing a play later this year that has a huge connection to the Elk, so I’ll take that.

Brilliant! Moose droppings are DELISH! 

Make sure to keep up with Kikki on twitter and IG. Since you stuck around to the very end, I have a special treat for you.

I know fans were sad they didn’t get a taste of Lesley’s lament to his friend, Gavin Hayes on the season 4 soundtrack.


Enjoy, from Kikki – to all of you.

And because I can’t help myself and I love digging in Kikki’s imagination station, here is a bonus question.

Since your imagination delights me, I invite you to create a panel/game show. 

Politically speaking, I think I’d love to do a show along the lines of the Hunger Games…members of Government, parliament and congress are selected and thrown into a gladiator arena, armed only with the paper documents of the Bills and legislation they were responsible for passing through into Law. Those people who suffered the worst as a result of such legislation are then released into the arena…once they work out who the suits are, it’s fair game. Let’s hunt n kill the corporate leeches…as the credits roll, Spanish Fly plays as the closing tune, we see fat entitled white corporate men screaming for mercy at the camera, but it doesn’t come!

My dream panel for the show would Frankie Boyle, Bill Hicks, Bill Burr, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kathy Burke, Billy Connolly, Greta Thunberg.


Thank you so much, Kikki. I am grateful for your honesty and openness. Once again, it’s been a blast.


Sher xo