Fear. My last ‘not a recap’ for Outlander Season 5. Never My Love.

Whether we were captivated or horrified by Outlander’s season finale, Never My Love, I believe we can agree that it had an impact.

I debated whether I would write about this episode, I also had an inner dialogue if I’d go my regular route of running further afield. Should I break my streak and face real talk? I have a rather, let’s say, intimate relationship with sexual assault and rape. I have spoken of it pretty openly.  In my 30’s, I spent time working as a victim services coordinator which gave me an opportunity to sit with, walk beside and rage alongside women in impossible circumstances. Rape should never be brushed away. It happens often in our society now, we know damn well it happened in the past. In fact, it happened so often that it wasn’t even considered rape. It was considered a right by the aggressor and a duty by the victim. I decided not to take a deep dive there, this time. Droughtlander is going to be long, I  do have some things I want to say and I will because I have plenty of time.

The finale was steeped in fear. I know we all have different ideas of what fear is. Motivational speakers like to say fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real”, and hey, I’m not knocking that mindset, hell, I have said it myself BUT when you have a boot being swung at your head that’s fucking scary and real, there is a legitimate reason to fear that.

Fear, like many things in this life – isn’t simple.

The series of events we witnessed were spurned by the deep-seated fears that Lionel Brown had. Before someone thinks I am defending that piece of flaming garbage, I am not. People act with violence ‘because of’ and Lionel was acting through his hate for Claire and everything she was/represented. That hate constructed a fear he felt powerless with. In order to gain some dominance he recruited and included other men. This gave him the impression of strength and control. All the while, his fear and hate continued to build because Claire refused to cower to him.

Sadly, we can see this in ourselves. Naturally, the degree that Brown hits isn’t the norm for most of us🤞🏻 . When we ‘hate’ someone, that is mostly predicated by a perceived threat (or because someone we trust has told us we should).  We may feel inadequate, powerless or somehow ashamed when we are exposed to them. Those feelings can cause us to lash out.

In Lionel’s case, they are exhibited in violent acts and rage. We aren’t complete misogynist slime balls so we react in a less vicious manner. We may be passive-aggressive, withhold kindness, gossip or spread rumours. It is a usual tactic to try and turn others against those who we have had felt threatened by, Lionel did exactly that with his men.

Lionel thought he had power over Claire when all along, she had power over him. Did it matter that Lionel’s wife refused his bed? No. He would beat her and raped her anyway.  Did it matter that Claire made eye contact with him and called him out on shooting a man in the back? Not really, her accusations held no water legally. None of these things truly changed Lionel’s life BUT he invented Claire being a personal threat to him. He created that narrative and brought his friends along for the ride because when we get others to join in our treachery it validates it.


The big bad girl scared all of them with her big brain.

Let’s face it, spreading hate is especially easy when the one person fighting against it, is bound, gagged, beaten and raped into submission. When this kind of fear/hate finds it target, it becomes emboldened and so do those who follow it. When their target falls they use this as fuel for their hate.

This is something that we see regularly. Those who are oppressed, have to fight harder, be louder and they are still consistently beaten into silence – yet – they don’t give up.  Those who are bullied, beaten, shot, denied work, incarcerated and forced to sit at tables alone…think about it. We see it on Outlander on a dramatic scale, when we travel to the other points on the spectrum, there you will find us. It’s the human condition and not all of it is pleasant to look at.


No matter what side we are on, it’s embarrassing to be ‘in’ this society sometimes.

The show writers made it easy to despise Lionel. We don’t really give a shit if he was afraid of Claire, do we? That’s his own shrivelled up masculinity, too bad he couldn’t keep it to himself.  All we wanted to see was that he and his buddies were punished.

The reality of that punishment, in this story, is that would also come from fear. I wanted to look at 2 of the characters that truly used their fear as fuel.  This is why being aware of the scope of emotion is so important, why looking at life in black and white can be dangerous.

Marsali and Roger both used their fear as fuel.  Marsali, has become aware of her worth as a women in a world that doesn’t especially find worth in her. This man not only threatened her and the child she carried by assaulting her, he tormented and raped her Ma. Brown was laying in the room with her, threatening to kill everyone on the ridge. Her experience with him tells her that he is not lying. These are not threats, these are promises. Marsali is not willing to live with this fear, she ends it the only way she can. I could hear the cheers across the Outlander fandom.

We have the ability to do the same in our lives. No, I am not advocating jabbing a big ole needle full of poison into someones neck, that’s pushin’ it.

Imagine for a moment, we have that person who is in our life that is constantly forcing toxicity into our life. We listen, take it in, allow it to seep into our days because we fear the fall out if we stop engaging.  I know many of us can relate to this, afraid to hurt feeling. Confrontation is hard. Yet, here we allow ourselves to go through the stress for a harmful relationship out of fear of hurting the feelings of someone we don’t respect or even like. We need to love ourselves more than that.

Roger. Deep down is a pacifist but his fear was clearly build from love. His fear was for Claire and her safety. He used this to push through his natural instinct to be a man of peace, to fight for his family.  We will find this with mothers and fathers regarding their children. It is why I was so happy to see Outlander utilize Roger in this way. His nature is not one of violence, yet, for his family, for the woman who is very much a mother to him, he will do whatever it takes. Even if it means stepping over a line that he will never forget crossing.  We have those moments too, we are so terrified, we don’t know if we can do something, yet we do.  Getting married, having kids, getting on that roller coaster, taking that promotion, buying that house, moving across the country, getting a divorce, getting help for that thing we don’t want anyone to know about.  No matter what it is, if we think it is worth going for, we will push through that fear and do it.

This fear thing, we all live with it. It’s an emotion that we can learn to manage, understand and even embrace.

Now gimme a HUG! We all need it after this season. Let’s try and get through Droughtlander without too many injuries, eh?

Sher xo

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9 thoughts on “Fear. My last ‘not a recap’ for Outlander Season 5. Never My Love.

  1. You articulated the core issue – violence against women comes from anger, rage and fear. When Lionel “lost his power” he attacked Claire – the anger the seat of domestic and other violence everywhere – no matter the time period. Thank you for seeing and expressing this through the lens of FEAR.

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  2. “This fear thing, we all live with it. It’s an emotion that we can learn to manage, understand and even embrace.”

    THIS is why the rape was included in the season 5 (6 in book). I have read/seen a lot of pushback stating not knowing WHY another rape incident was included. Well, FEAR is why. Thank you for yet another wonderful take on my most loved show.

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    • I agree with you, Linda. I also think that until rape isn’t an issue in women’s life NOW, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that it was most certainly used a way to control and dominate then. There is no way a group of men, in that situation would have taken a woman like Claire – and not raped her. Do I like that? No, I don’t. Do I think a group of men like that would have taken a woman like Claire in THIS day and age and not raped her? No. I don’t. As a victim of rape, myself, I don’t claim to be a part of private group that knows everything. I think women have suffered mysogony and lived in a patriarchal society for so long that ignoring its existence is the same as whitewashing – so – HOW we show it, is the important part. Sorry, that was an unexpected tangent xoxo Much love to you.

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  3. This is how Claire manages her fear……Jamie’s love for her♥️

    You ask me if there’ll come a time
    When I grow tired of you
    Never my love
    Never my love
    You wonder if this heart of mine
    Will lose its desire for you
    Never my love
    Never my love
    What makes you think love will end
    When you know that my whole life depends
    On you (on you)
    Never my love
    Never my love
    You say you fear I’ll change my mind
    And I won’t require you
    Never my love
    Never my love
    How can you think love will end
    When I’ve asked you to spend your whole life
    With me (with me, with me)

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  4. It’s taken me a while to reply to your superb post. You have the ability to pick up a core issue for us to examine and toss around in our heads… and hearts. I have used that acrostic of FEAR for myself and others. Though the expectations may be False, they seem very real dont they! Certainly in the face of such violence that Claire experienced. I recognise the fear of my teenage self that my ex had and that was the reason for his coercive control. Sadly I didnt have the love and support that I wish I could have had. Seeing how Claire’s family and friends came to rescue her chocked me up! I love that you explain that we can ‘learn to manage, understand and even embrace’ our fear. I realise that this healing and recovery is a journey and I am sure we will see that portrayed for Claire in Outlander as we did for Bree, for Jamie and for Roger. Outlander does so much for people who have struggled to allow their burdens of buried pain to come to the surface. As do you with your super writing Sher! Thank you so much. Loads of love and huge hugs! Xxxx

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