We have gone through “the change”…

Oh yeah...

Oh yeah…

Everyone goes through the change. You know, when you mature. Grow up, realize it’s time to move on to your own identity. Be your own people.

That’s what happened with the this lil Outlander fan group from Alberta.  We are a tight knit group with a great big heart & and even bigger belief system.  We hold the #BeKind way of life very close to our hearts.  We also encourage everyone in our world to #AAPI.


We think when you do this it helps you live a happier life.  Even if the people you are communicating with aren’t being positive – you can try to assume positive intent and it will flip their words around on themselves and you can walk away with a sly smile and let it fall away…where it belongs. AWAY FROM YOU. Negativity and vitriol don’t belong in our cotton candy scented bubbles of life.  We are happy where we are – Nastiness, entitlement & telling others how they should behave or what they should do isn’t a part of our happy place.



Oh right…and balls…lotsnlotsa balls!



AB-Ootlander makes sense. Here is why.

Our core group, is from Alberta. AB. We are fans of OUTLANDER. We talk ABOUT OUTLANDER. Everyone thinks Canadians say Aboot, not About. Abootlander,The Abootlanders were born.  We like us.

We figured we were more than the culmination of 2 fan groups.  We adore Sam Heughan – We adore Caitriona Balfe – however- we adored Diana Gabaldon first – We also adore Graham McTavish – We also adore Tobias, Grant, Steven, let us go on and on, the whole cast is stellar, we discuss all the books in detail, we discuss each episode & speculate about future episodes & conspiracy therories. However, the most important thing…we have connected with one another.

This means our group has become more about us & our relationships because of this amazing Outlander phenomenon. ABOUTLANDER! ABOotlander. I know you get it now. It’s about us. Which is what it should be about right? Yeah…I know.



its science

And the Beaver…well…come on…what did you expect?  We are Canadian. Beavers are our jam. Our Beav’s name is Toger. It rhymes with “Roger” and there is a certain scene in the TV show where Murtagh mentions Ruperts…I don’t think he meant his Beaver though.

Toger goes on some adventures in ABOotlander Land.  Be sure to watch for his awkward moments. Like this…

admire that asstoger

Or his shenanigans with his new BFF’s…


Just because we have a new name doesn’t mean we are different.  Shit will still come out of our mouths when you least expect it or are really hoping for it. We will defend those who we want to & we will be authentic to who we are. We will do our best to be better than we were yesterday & we sure as hell know we aren’t perfect and don’t expect you to be either.

Keep smiling.

Stay Kind.

Stay Awesome.



Proud & Strong AB-Ootlander

11 thoughts on “We have gone through “the change”…

  1. Keep up the good work, I get a kick outta reading your blogs! You write some funny stuff…Think this frickn’ snow is going to be gone for part two start?.Grrrr… enough of GD winter already. At least we aren’t getting blasted like the east coast!


  2. I love your writing – personal and perfect and of course – hilarious!! I found you late and intend to go back and read all your posts. Keep it up! from a fellow Albertan.


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