Canada Dry…not the pop- the time between Outlander Episodes 8 & 9. ORIGINAL DROUGHTLANDER BLOG

Since it was so popular…we thought…Why the heck not?
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SL Heughliot @Large


and here we sit. Waiting. This is what happens when you get addicted to Cracklander. You binge out and then there is a dry spell in town, problem is, we can’t hop in the car and go to the big city to score a hit or call Creepy Uncle Jack that Mom doesn’t ever want us to talk to…we have to wait it out.

bored Do I look impressed? No…it’s because I’m not.

So, we wait.  It’s a reallllll good thing that I have a shit load of friends waiting with me, tappin their own veins until episode 9 airs.  Our American friends at least “know” their kill switch date.  Us up here, in the great white…well…we can only hope that Showcase gets it right this time. HINT HINT!  Nope. I am NOT known for subtly.

Can you hear me NOW?!                               …

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