Tappin’ the vein. Cracklander meeting commences

That’s right. The #Droughtlander continues. THAT wasn’t a giddy moment in the lives of these lil Canadian Heughliots when Outlander Starz used our cray cray tags from our Canada Dry blog spurt. Super exciting. We were high fiving all over the interwebs.  Yeah, sorry if we got carried away and smacked ya in the face…you might have been too close & got in our bubble.

highfivecanuckleEither way, my name is Sher…it’s been 2 hours since my last viewing of an episode of Outlander- it was The Wedding.  It has been 15 minutes since my last Google search of Sam or Cait or Graham or Grant or Stephen or Ron or Terry or Diana (who by the way is in DisneyLand, my favourite place on earth!)

Diana enjoying some time in DisneyLand with Pluto AKA Rollo. This is not stalking. This is enjoying the tweets of someone I love…I mean…admire.

At present I have 5  6 tabs open on my laptop that involve Outlander in someway. They are 1) Facebook 2) Twitter 3) Reddit, 4) an online photoeditor  5) an online gif creator oh…6) YouTube… I am wearing my Heughligans shirt today. I have both MOBY on a second re-read and Outlander on my KOBO for my gazillionth (it’s a friggen number – clapper your gob) read. This is because my Jamie has me reading it to him as he falls asleep each night now.

This is the story of a Cracklander and what a meeting of Outlander Unanimous (yes, there aren’t many of us who are anonymous – really?!) might sound like. However. I don’t want your help. I don’t want a cure. Frankly I don’t think a cure is necessary. I am not hurting anyone.

SEE?! See how innocent I am? *pout*

I want to roll around in the joy that is SCOTLAND and Jamie n Claire…they are one being but we shall never trivialize them by giving them a stupid connected name like Clamie cuz…well CLAMIE! Go ahead – say it…STUPID! or Jaire. See…don’t anyone ever do it. If you do I will come to your house with maple syrup and a hockey stick.  Use your imagination. It ain’t pretty. It just ain’t.

Either way honey you are ending up with missing teeth. Just sayin

That picture ends up with someone missing teeth. It aint me, just sayin

Us Cracklanders, must search for veins to tap into.

It used to be harder, 5, 10 even 20 years ago. Searching through used books stores, scraping the internet & peeking in on Diana through compuserve & always checking her website for any update…but NOW we find them.

They are everywhere now!  In the form of memes. Blogs. Podcasts. Pins on Pinterest.  Endless gifs & Video clips on Tumblr accounts. You tube videos. OMG its like FREE METH for a JUNKIE! These people are our suppliers and our flop houses. You do an incredible service to us.  I want to pay tribute to you. Here and Now!

were not worthy

We bow to you.

Lets remember many of the fans in this particular fandom…are new. New to fandoms. New to the world of…this.  New to memes.Blogs. Podcasts. Gifs. Video clips. Tumblr…especially tumblr (infact, some still think you are spelling it wrong) and YouTube.  With this being said – I don’t really expect too much slack to be cut but maybe a little pat on the head understanding “They know not what they speak.”  “They know not what they do.” is called for.

pat head

I appreciate every bit of the goods that are delivered. It takes all of these people time, dedication and PASSION. No matter if it’s my drug of choice. It is someones, it is made for them & that is what matters. Each fan has their own vein, something that will fill that need & in the fandom there is a supplier giving it to them. We all don’t have to love what is being put out there but we all don’t have to take it. Skip to the next one, they might have something you want. This is what is going to get us through to April my people. You are my people. Cracklanders deal with the droughtlander together. We water each others petals.  Heehee … that sounded dirty. I liked it.


I know lots of folks think its bad taste I talk about Outlander like its a drug…BUT…know something? Here is a secret. Its not a drug…it’s a TV show and I am using the fact that I’m obsessed to joke around. I’m really NOT addicted physically, but it’s a play on words and if you happen to have a sense of humour then this is where shit tends to get funny. Oh right, then there is the swearing that some don’t like. I can’t do anything about that. Canadians have this built in genetic code…it makes us swear.

Heughliotslanguage_warning If you are reading this, are Canadian and you don’t swear. You’re defective! Get that shit checked out. Our healthcare is free – won’t cost a thing for that bloodtest. If you are from someplace else and you are sensitive to these things…ummmm…here’s a hug

hug sent

We swear but we aren’t heartless…sheesh

You know, you don’t have to hit flop house status every day but binging…it ain’t bad. You have company.

Enjoy your #Cracklander friends. We are here for you, with you and by you! It’s time to pour yourself a big ass glass of your favourite tipple, put on your favourite episode or re-read the next book on your list. It’s the way you do it.

claire booze heughlifun

My favourite new game! I SEE YOU!

Please feel free to leave your comments, you know, if they are nice…I have this lil expression “Taste your words before you type them and if you wouldn’t say them out loud to someone you truly love…don’t type them to a stranger.”

jamie winkme


SL  Heughliot @ Large

16 thoughts on “Tappin’ the vein. Cracklander meeting commences

  1. Love this. Maybe you should post every Saturday night and replace the show until the drought is over….that might make this long, cold winter bearable.


    • LOL…I post when I start tweeking out the worst besides us Canadians used to have to watch it on Sunday – with commercials…lots of them…2 wks behind our American friends. I’m not sure why I added all that. Perhaps I’m bitter 😀


  2. Thank you for the link back to my channel!!! 😀
    I promise to get back to my vidding after November. I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo and I hole myself up for 30 days and write. I do it every year. 😀 Already people on Twitter are sending me DM’s saying, “Where are you?” LOL


    • What you have there can keep people rollin in the “show” for a good while! Plus your channel links back to other great videos too. Its a community of awesome 😀


    • I am sure you can! We’ve been know to adopt and have honourary Canadians all over the great USA for your adaptable potty mouths.


  3. i was alone, afraid, driven to secretly binge by a family who just fails to understand the depth of my addiction to all things Claire and Jamie. I live in fear that my DVR will be erased, my Cable package will be altered to remove the Starz channel and thus my ability to watch the “The Wedding” every night. My books have been moved( ….. ” I was dusting” they say ), my iPad mysteriously unplugged and dead, my Nook “borrowed”, my Audible app deleted…… I hear the whispers, feel the sudden silences when I enter the room ……… But to know that there are others who share this, this, NEED, gives me hope that I can withstand the lack of support from those closest to me. Thank you my Canadian Friend for the hope and strength to carry on! Oh, and I am sorry about the commercials…. That’s f$&ed up!


  4. My name is Cheryl, and I am addicted to all things Outlander. This crazy thing started with my first hit on the first episode. How could I not have known about this wonderful substance for the last 20 years?! Since my first hit, I have branched out to the harder forms: books, memes, fangirl groups, you get the picture. Very strange behavior for a woman of 51, or so I thought until I found out how common this affliction is among those in my age bracket. The worldwide friendships and bonding has just fueled the fires. I don’t want a cure!

    Love your post! Thank you for the spontaneous outbursts of laughter it caused! I really needed it. Thank you also for feeding my cracklander addiction!


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